Are You Ready to Discover Simple Solutions?

1. doTERRA Breathe®
Respiratory Blend

• Maintain feelings of easy breathing and clear airways
• Diffuse at night or during change of seasons


2. DigestZen®

Digestive Blend

• Maintain healthy gastrointestinal tract*
• Help reduce bloating, gas, and occasional indigestion*
• Ease feelings of stomach upset

3. PastTense®

Tension Blend

• Relieve feelings of head and shoulder tension and discomfort
• Apply to temples and back of neck
• Invigorating pick-me-up

4. Tea Tree


• Rejuvenate and cleanse skin
• Relieve skin irritation
• Clean Surfaces

5. Lavender

• Soothe irritated skin
• Enhance massage
• Reduce anxious feelings
• Apply after a long day in the sun


6. doTERRA Serenity®
Restful Blend

• Diffuse to promote relaxation and decrease stress
• Create restful sleeping environment
• Lessen anxious feelings
• Calm emotions


7. Fractionated
Coconut Oil

• Unscented carrier oil
• Great for delivering essential oils to sensitive skin
• Sustained delivery on specific locations
• Use for dilution

8. AromaTouch®
Massage Blend

• Comfort and relax
• Enhance massage
• Promote feelings of relaxation and lessen tension



• Support healthy cellular function*
• Balance mind and lift mood
• Promote healthy skeletal and nervous systems*

10. Lemon

• Naturally cleanse body*
• Clean surfaces and neutralize odors
• Soothe irritated throat*

11. DigestZen Terrazyme®

• Support healthy enzyme production for normal digestive process*
• Promote nutrient absorption*
• Speed conversion of food nutrients to cellular energy*

Be Healthy With Daily Habits

12. Lifelong Vitality Pack® (LLV)

Maximum nutrition for energy, focus,
and well-being
• MICROPLEX VMz®: Bioavailable multivitamin and mineral
• ALPHA CRS®+: Antioxidant, cellular energy, and longevity
• xEO MEGA®: Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids and nine essential oils

• Antioxidant and DNA protection*
• Eye, Brain, nervous system function*
• Liver function and digestive health*
• More energy, less discomfort
• Healthy inflammatory response*

• Comprehensive nutrition
• Immune function*
• Stress management*
• Cardiovascular health*

Need more energy, less discomfort, and better mood to improve the quality of your life? Try these daily habits

doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack: 2 capsules each with morning and noon meals
DigestZen TerraZyme: Digestive support: 1–3 capsules each meal
Lemon: Cleansing: 2–3 drops in water 2–3x/day
Frankincense: Cellular support: 2–3 drops under tongue and swallow
doTERRA On Guard®: Immune support: 2–3 drops in water
doTERRA Balance®: Grounding: 2–3 drops on bottoms of feet
PB Assist®+: Probiotic defense: 1 capsule/day

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease