A friend who is a cancer survivor, health and wellness advocate, and an all around fighter wrote this and it really makes you think. So I had to post it also. I probably have people in my friend’s list that would boast about using bleach! 😱😱😱

👉Did you grow up using bleach?
👉Do you use it now?
👉If you know bleach is bad and you use it anyway, why?


Let me tangent for a minute…..
And because I know that some of you are in love with what you think this does for you..

Bleach is one of the most corrosive and deadly chemicals in your home. ☢️ Did you know, almost 1/3 of all household accidents involve bleach and bleach containing products?! Also in the U.S. 235,000 poisonings from personal care products and cleaners each year!!

Now here’s where I’m gonna blow your mind! 🤯

🔹Bleach can cause chemical burns and ulcerations.
🔹increases asthma and allergy symptoms – bleach inflames the mucous membranes of the lungs the same as smoking a pack of cigarettes/day (Google 20 year lung study)
🔹can also cause wheezing, bronchospasm and sometimes pulmonary edema
🔹Ingestion of bleach causes major damage to the tissues of the GI tract
🔹When mixed with ammonia, it creates a deadly gas. Remember that urine (yes PEE) contains ammonia, so using bleach products in the toilet increases the risk of creating a toxic gas that can actually stop lung function!
🔹Bleach and dish soap combined can create mustard gas. Yes, I said mustard gas. ☣️
🔹Bleach in gas form creates dioxins. (Dioxins are a known cancer-causing compound related to birth defects, miscarriages, infertility, diabetes, immune disorders and more – found in laundry and cleaning items)
🔹When mixed with wastewater it is found to form several organic compounds. One being chloroform – which causes dizziness, headache, respiratory issues, heart attack, liver/kidney damage, birth defects and more.

Cancer, auto immune disorders, breathing problems, learning and development issues, especially in children, are on the rise with caustic substances like bleach.☠️☠️☠️

➿I stopped store bought chemicals in 2015 after I got through my cancer. I haven’t looked back. I can’t even handle the smell of synthetics anymore. My body can smell it from a mile away and gives me a headache. This heightened sensitivity is bc my body completely detoxed off of chemical and my immune system is stronger than ever and fights off illnesses easier.

It’s truly unbelievable. You guys, toxic chemicals like bleach, lysol, scrubbing bubbles, pledge, etc ARE TOXIC!! THEY USE CHEMICALS PROVEN TO LOWER YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, making it harder for your body to fight off the sickness!! 🤯🤯🤯 Literally doing the exact opposite of what you think they are doing!

#YouDontNeedBleach #BleachMakesYouSick #ToxicCleanersMakeYouSick

*borrowed post from another advocate