Cooking With dōTERRA Essential Oils

With so many uses of doTERRA essential oils, it’s hard to keep track of all the versatility. One incredible use you may not have considered is incorporating them into your cooking. Because of the high concentration of essential oils, a little goes a long way, and the health benefits are bountiful.Incorporating oils into your cooking does a number a wonderful things, some of which are: 

  • Enhancing flavor
  • Providing the body with their health benefits
  • Convenient and safe

There are specific oils we encourage you to consume. Oils like Basil, Thyme, Lemon, Ginger, etc. are great examples of delicious and beneficial oils to add to foods and even beverages. Of course, we encourage you check each and everyone bottle for directions on their use, as some are not meant to be consumed—like Wintergreen, for example. Because doTERRA oils are tested and retested for their consumption safety, you know you’re getting the best quality. Many companies add fillers and substitutions to enhance the scent and quantity of the oil, making them unsafe to ingest.  Since the oils themselves are highly concentrated, you really only need a few drops to gain the taste and full benefit of them, so your oils will keep. Another important thing to keep in mind is diluting your oils in some form of lipid—like olive, coconut, or another oil alike. Diluting makes it safe to consume the essential oil, but also helps with dispersing it throughout the dish for better flavor.  You also want to cook with volatile essential oils differently with hot dishes, as heat can destroy these fragile oils. Once you’ve finished cooking your dish, stir in your diluted essential oil. For your baked dishes, you’ll simply lose a bit of the properties, but not much is to be expected.  If you’re looking for ideas on which essential oils to start experimenting with adding to your dishes, try these:

Mix It Up and Spread the Love

Using essential oils to cook with is yet another great topic to discuss with your team. This is also a great way to introduce others who aren’t in the know with doTERRA. You can discuss ways to spruce up their meals, incorporate healthier habits, and improve the overall state of their health, all while providing them with high quality oils.