Copaiba Softgels

When it comes to using essential oils internally to benefit your body, Copaiba oil is a must-have. The unique chemical composition of Copaiba means that it can support numerous systems of the body, and it possesses similar properties to cannabinoids found in cannabis. The new Copaiba Softgels make utilizing the internal benefits of this essential oil powerhouse even easier.

What Makes Copaiba Softgels Unique?

Copaiba Softgels join a rainbow of doTERRA softgel supplements that can help you address specific wellness needs. The first of its kind in the supplement industry, Copaiba Softgels can be taken on a regular basis, or as you recognize a specific need in your life.

Copaiba Softgels Uses and Benefits

1 Our bodies need antioxidants to properly support our cellular health. Take a Copaiba Softgel on a regular basis to take advantage of the powerful antioxidants Copaiba oil offers.*

2 The nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves that send and receive messages throughout the body. These messages help us process sensory information, control movements, and generate thoughts and feelings. Keep Copaiba Softgels on hand for times when you need to soothe and calm the nervous system.*

3 For those that may struggle taking enormous vitamins, the doTERRA softgels are small and easy to swallow. Each softgel contains 120 mg of Copaiba oil, which is just the right amount for your body. Something else to be excited about? The softgel casing is now carrageenan free.

4 As previously mentioned, Copaiba naturally supports a number of bodily systems. Aside from the nervous system, Copaiba supports the health of the lungs and respiratory system, the digestive system, the immune system, and the cardiovascular system.* Take a softgel to address concerns with any or all of these systems.*

5  The flip cap top of the Copaiba Softgel bottle is great for easy and fast dispensing.

How to Take Copaiba Softgels

Take one softgel as needed for any of the internal benefits you desire.


Copaiba essential oil is sourced from four species of copaiba trees in the Brazilian Amazon. Many harvesters live along the Amazon River, which makes traveling by boat the best transportation method, both to reach neighbors and to harvest the oleoresin. It only takes .08 pounds of copaiba resin to make a 15 mL bottle of Copaiba oil, and the trees can be harvested from year-round and still maintain the health of the tree.


Keep out of the reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Store in a cool, dry place.