Diffuser myth busters

Diffuser myth busters:

MYTH: Diffusing around pets is toxic.

TRUTH: Diffusing around pets is an excellent way to benefit them on a regular basis. It is best to use a water-based diffuser (such as the Lumo® Diffuser) on an intermittent setting. Allow your pet the option to exit the room by leaving the door open, and only use three to four drops of oil at a time in the diffuser.

MYTH: It is not safe to diffuse around young children.

TRUTH: When used appropriately, the diffusion of essential oils can be enjoyed by the entire family. Using a diffuser in the home is very safe; however, if you are concerned, start with the lowest setting on your diffuser and adjust according to your comfort level.

MYTH: You cannot diffuse essential oils that contain coconut oil.

TRUTH: Our essential oil blends have been specifically tested and found not to damage doTERRA® diffusers. As long as you properly maintain and regularly clean your diffuser, we would not anticipate any issues diffusing doTERRA oil blends that contain coconut oil.