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Have you been on the fence about starting your essential oil journey? Are you wondering what all the hype is? Are you curious how we use these pure oils for your health and wellness? Yes, there really is an oil for everything!

Do you already have dōTERRA Essential Oils and aren’t sure how to use them? We would love to help you get on track.

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Introductory Kit

The Introductory Kit is a great starting point for those new to essential oils.



The Introductory Kit includes a 5 mL bottle of dōTERRA’s CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint essential oils. The newly designed, stunning presentation box also includes suggested uses of the included oils. Providing you with an immediate experience of the life-changing benefits of essential oils.

Beginner’s Trio Kit 

As a simple first step on your journey with essential oils, we recommend a trio of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint, three of our most popular oils.



Using essential oils is intuitively simple and highly satisfying. However, the many oils available with their numberless combinations and wellness applications can be a bit overwhelming to beginners. As a simple first step on your journey with essential oils, we recommend a trio of lavender, lemon, and peppermint, three of our most popular oils. They will provide you and your family a compelling experience with the life-enhancing properties of therapeutic-grade essential oils. This kit includes 15mL bottles of the following oils:




We also have several other kits at great savings, so if you are already over the fence and want to dive right in to your health and wellness journey as natural as possible, let me know and we can get you started on a full kit! For a FREE no obligation information class or one on one with me, CLICK HERE!

I’m excited to work with you on this journey!