Mermaid Hair

Have you ever had the desire to have 🧜🏻‍♀️ hair ??

R E C I P E:

Fill 90% of a 4 oz spray bottle with water. ⁣

A few drops of Argan oil which is great for detangling

and strengthening hair⁣

💧5drops of each of the oils below

🌿Clary Sage-known to help with hair growth⁣

🌿Rosemary-stimulates scalp and energizes roots for

volume and hair growth by strengthening the follicle

🌿Cedarwood-stimulates scalp, thickens hair, and adds shine.

Great for alopecia! ⁣

🌿Peppermint-invigorating and stimulating, helps with

clarifying and cell turnover for quicker growth⁣

🌿Geranium– hair strengthener⁣

Spritz a few pumps on scalp, massage in, then brush through ends! ⁣

Have fun!