New Products Conversation 2019

Here is the line up of the new products. Stay tuned for more info to come šŸ˜

Products will be available to purchase starting October 1st. We will be sharing more details over the next few days, so stay tuned.

Adaptivā„¢ Calming Blend
Adaptiv Capsules
Adaptiv Touch
Yarrow|Pom Body Renewal Serum*
Yarrow|Pom Cellular Beauty Complex*
doTERRAĀ® Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules
doTERRA Lemon Eucalyptus 15 mL
doTERRA Celery Seed 15 mL
doTERRA Black Spruce 5 mL
doTERRA Rose 5 mL
doTERRA Citronella 15 mL
doTERRA Tamerā„¢ Digestive Blend
doTERRA Peppermint Softgels

*Available January 2020