September Promotions 💧

September Promotions 💧

Thyme is 10% off this month! 🌱

In a fast pace world filled with commotion, enter Thyme. Full of antioxidants and powerful immune support when taken internally, Thyme buys you just a little more time.

• Provides powerful antioxidant properties

• Supports a healthy immune system

• Tastes delicious and can be used as a seasoning

Rosemary is the FREE product of the month! 🌱

Be ready for mornings. Be ready for rainy days. Be calm. Be cool. Whatever you need, Rosemary helps you be ready for life.

Place a 125 PV order by September 15th to qualify.

• Helps increase focus and alertness

• Helps reduce nervous tension

• Gently cleanses the skin, scalp, and hair

• Supports respiratory and immune function

Start September with the “Perfect Day” diffuser blend! See graphic for recipe. 💧

Level Up Your Rewards 🏅

Don’t wait, 20 percent back in rewards points is right around the corner! Place a Loyalty Rewards Program order with at least 150 PV and start getting 20% back in rewards points! This will help you earn more points back on qualifying orders, and boost you even closer to the top tier of 30%!