How to Set Goals You Will Actually Do

“We all get the exact same 365 days. The only difference is what we do with them.” –Hillary DePiano

It’s that time of year again to set resolutions for the New Year. Unless you’ve already mastered the art of making goals, you may be overwhelmed at the idea. Sometimes, it must be admitted, we pick goals out of pressure to have the “right” goals according to other people. But, with no real plan and no real inspiration, nothing happens. Instead, set meaningful goals for yourself with the following tips:

Do an end-of-year review. Take some time before thinking of new goals to think of what you achieved over the past year to see how you’ve changed and grown. As you look over the past 12 months, think about the accomplishments you are most proud of, the new things you learned, and be honest about your own well-being. (Did you sleep enough, eat for your health, and spend quality time with loved ones?) Finally, consider what didn’t go right, and what you learned from any failures. Give yourself credit for any risks you took, large or small.

Select a few goals you actually want to achieve. Real goals, or the goals that you will follow through on, are goals that you have a strong emotional connection to. You have a desire to do them, no matter the outside voices that tell you what your goals should be. Ultimately, to figure out what is inspiring to you, write out a long list of possible goals, more than you could ever accomplish. Once finished, go back over your list and circle the ones that inspire you.

Get the full picture—take into consideration what is going on in your life. If you know you have other big immovable projects that have to get done, fit your goals in around those times. For example, if you have to fix the roof this year, then any goals to take a rejuvenating vacation for your well-being need to be timed so that you have the funds and the time for both.

Consider what needs to happen to make your goals a reality. Planning out your next steps is the hardest part of this process, but absolutely necessary to success. Antione de Saint-Exupery famously said “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” So, if you have a goal to build up your savings, plan out what needs to happen to enable you to meet that goal. Accountability to others is a factor in continuing toward a goal, but it won’t help you achieve anything on its own. Voicing your goal out loud to another person is a great first step towards your goal.

Go forward with the right tools. Come up with a way to monitor and update your goals throughout the year. We recommend reviewing them periodically every few months. You can remember to do this by setting reminders in your phone right now. Set up another system to keep yourself accountable to someone else, and have them check in with you at a predetermined time. Finally, consider that essential oils can help you on this journey. While no oil is going to be the magic super-power to making you achieve your goals, they certainly have the power to help you get in the right frame of mind. Read on for suggestions on the best oils to use.

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