Take Time for You with Lavender and dōTERRA Serenity®

Through the centuries, people have been given specific meanings to flowers. In Victorian times, this idea was taken to the next level; people spent time carefully crafting bouquets to convey a particular message, just as they would a letter. The lavender flower has some popular common meanings, including purity and serenity, while the message it gives is that of refinement, royalty, and grace. This message goes hand-in-hand with the soothing and relaxing benefits of Lavender oil, especially in taking care of your mind and body.

Just as lavender plants need full sunlight and well-drained soil to thrive, we need emotional nourishment, and enough sleep. Fortunately, Lavender oil shares with us several well-researched benefits to help with both. One study shows that diffusing Lavender essential oil during your bedtime routine can improve how long you sleep and sleep satisfaction. It likewise has an impact on quality of sleep, decreasing how often you wake during the night, and reducing your levels of overall fatigue.

For your skin, Lavender can be the answer to common skin issues, like occasional skin irritations and minor burns. This is most likely the reason that you often see Lavender oil as an ingredient in skin care items.

An Increase in Serenity

Another message of the lavender flower is serenity. If you love Lavender, the doTERRA Serenity blend utilizes all of the Lavender benefits in addition to other wood, herb, and floral relaxing oils. It can be used aromatically and topically (though not internally like Lavender alone) for creating a restful mood and a peaceful environment for sleep. It’s wise to have on hand in times of tension or stress. When diffused, doTERRA Serenity is an especially comforting and calming oil.

Self-Care Spa Night

Whether you love the pure scent of Lavender oil by itself, or you love it in the doTERRA Serenity blend, use either oil in the following DIYs designed to help you take time out for yourself in whatever time you have.

Epsom Salt Bath

Lavender Eucalyptus Lotion Bars

Hair Perfume

Coconut Salt Scrub

Body Wash

doTERRA Serenity Bath Oil

Cuticle Cream

Deep Hair Conditioner

Essential Neck Wrap

Natural Moisturizer