When things feel heavy…

❤️How are YŌU doing? 🤔Elections, restrictions, masks, motherhood, 2020… many things are feeling a bit heavy right now for many, and some days we can struggle with staying positive.
Heavy feelings don’t need to stay and sometimes a simple shift in perspective and using a blend of these three oils can help.

💧Adaptiv – all things calming & reducing anxious feelings in a bottle.

💧Bergamot – a calming and happy citrus

💧Breathe – “releasing and opening” for weight that feels heavy on our chest.

💦 Also Breathe Drops… a great addition. Carry in your backpack to suck on during the day to keep airways open and maintain free breathing. When we are feeling tight or anxious, we may not be taking deep, necessary breaths. Breathe Drops help!

💧To make your own roller, combine 10 drops of each in a 10 ml roller, fill with fractionated coconut oil. Apply to chest, sternum or back of the neck.