Got Sunscreen!

Here are some ideas to try for non toxic sunscreen!

Homemade Sunscreen

You will need:

4 oz chemical free, scent free Hand and Body Lotion

8 drops Pure Helichrysum essential oil

4 drops Pure Lavender essential oil

1 tablespoon zinc oxide

Mix all ingredients together. Store in a glass jar with tight fitting lid.

To use: Apply before going into the sun. Reapply every 2 hours or so.

The SPF factor is around 20.
**NOTE: This mixture is NOT water  proof.**


Homemade After Sun Treatment

You will need:

15 drops Pure Lavender essential oil*

2 oz fractionated coconut oil

Small GLASS spray bottle

Shake before applying. Spray over affected areas for relief.

*Although Lavender oil is my favorite for minor burns, Melaleuca or Roman Chamomile are also good substitutions if you’d like to try something other than lavender.