I Have My Oils, NOW WHAT?

I have my oils, now what?


Welcome to the family!  You went to a class, you learned a few things, and you ordered some oils or a kit, you received your oils about a week after class, NOW WHAT??  

Living dōTERRA – Know your resources!

You should;

  • Open your oils and Check out your dōTERRA Welcome Packet.  There are tons of great resources
    there like the “living dōTERRA” pamphlet.
  • Sign-In & verify your account at www.doterra.com (your ID# & password were sent previously)
  • Contact me so we can set up a FREE one on one class or a group class
  • Join our Facebook Group so you can learn more & ask questions
  • Download the iPhone apps: Modern Essentials, dōTERRA Daily Drop, & Oils Primer
  • Purchase Supplies here: Essential Oils Supplies
  • Join Our Recipe & Mixture Page
  • There’s also great info HERE about how to use the oils and other products.
  • Learn how to look up the sourcing and testing information about YOUR bottles of oils on Source to You.
  • Use your oils! Don’t let them sit in your cabinet. It’ll be second nature before you know it.
  • Contact me with ANY questions
  • Log in HERE to place your future orders!

Sharing dōTERRA

-It’s only natural to start sharing your positive experiences with the oils with your family and friends. Check out dōTERRA’s page about sharing essential oils. Learn how your can host a class or teach your friends.

Building dōTERRA

-Consider building with dōTERRA and earn enough to cover the cost of your new oily obsession, supplement your income, or even replace your income. Learn more HERE about building with dōTERRA.

-Make sure the person who enrolled you adds you to their FB group. These are both great places to ask questions about oils, their uses, etc.

How to place future orders:

Use the Loyalty Rewards Program to place future orders, earn 10-30% back in points, and get your shipping cost back in points! Click HERE to learn how to make an LRP order.

Your Wellness Advocate # is found in the welcome email you received from dōTERRA.
Log in HERE to place your future orders!