Oils to Help You Enjoy Spring to the Fullest

With spring comes milder weather and newly green earth, but also comes with a good chance of being affected by environmental or seasonal threats.

If you live somewhere in the world that experiences a spring, you mostly likely look forward to this time of warmer weather, renewing rains, and longer days. With it comes a sense of renewed energy and an excitement to be outside. Be ready to enjoy this balmy season with essential oils in hand.

Spring Cleaning

It’s an almost irresistible urge in spring to make everything fresh and clean—both outside and in our homes. To add a boost to your natural cleaning products, you can include citrus essential oils like Lemon or Wild Orange to give your home a refresh. Thyme and Basil are other excellent options for cleaning surfaces safely. An added benefit of Thyme is that diffusing it purifies the air. Other oils that purify the air in your home include Wild Orange, Arborvitae, and Juniper Berry.

Not only useful during the winter, doTERRA On Guard® is also an excellent, non-toxic choice for cleaning surfaces that come in contact with food. If you don’t want to make your own cleaner, doTERRA On Guard is included in cleaning products doTERRA offers like the doTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate, and the doTERRA On Guard Laundry Detergent.

‘Tis the Season

With the milder weather and the newly green earth, comes the greater chance of environmental or seasonal threats. Five specific oils and products can help you:

  1. Arborvitae. This little-known oil is quite the powerhouse during the changing seasons. Add to your diffuser, or put a few drops in your palms and cup your hands around your nose. Inhale deeply as needed.
  2. Lavender. Support how your immune system functions and how your body responds to seasonal threats by taking up to two drops internally in a veggie capsule.*
  3. Tea Tree (Melaleuca). Thanks to the natural purifying and cleansing properties of Tea Tree, it is a helpful ally in combating environmental threats in the home. Add to homemade cleaners to purify surface or to your diffuser for the refreshing scent to fill the room.
  4. doTERRA Breathe®Apply to your chest before going outside to do yardwork, or exercise.
  5. TriEase® Softgels. The perfect combination of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint oils, TriEase helps protect your body from the environmental or seasonal elements you might face in the great outdoors.* Take one to two pills per day as needed.

Support New Goals

Remember the resolutions you made in January? If not, you’re not alone. Take heart though—springtime is the perfect time to review and restart. If you’re planning on making any changes to your home or lifestyle this spring, essential oils can help.

Want to grow a garden? If you’re the outdoors, lover-of-dirt-and-plants kind of person, see our Living magazine article about avoiding common gardening mistakes and oils to use for common pests. You can also search doterra.com for more helpful gardening articles.

Want to exercise and eat more healthily? While only you can determine if you will work out, or eat the right foods, essential oils can help you control your cravings and keep your digestive system working well.* Slim & Sassy® is the best option for helping out your metabolism and for managing the cravings. Kick off your efforts to get moving by ensuring you have Deep Blue® Rub or blend for those long workouts.

Want to build up your mental and emotional health? There are plenty of ways to approach this goal. One element you might not readily think about is how essential oils and aromatherapy can help. Oils like PastTense® or doTERRA Peace® are good examples of blends that can help with stress. There are plenty of resources on using essential oils for emotional health, including ourEmpowered Life Series on Mood and Emotional Health, and the Emotional Aromatherapy Brochure.

While spring is already one of our favorite times of year, essential oils empower us to make any season more enjoyable. Try out some of these ideas and let us know how it goes!