105 Uses for dōTERRA’s Home Essentials Kit

The Home Essentials Kit is dōTERRA’s most popular kit, and is a fantastic place for anyone to get started on their oily journey, regardless of wants or needs. Why? Because it contains 10 of the most versatile oils, that can support every bodily system:

  • Gastrointestinal
  • Immune
  • Respiratory
  • Nerves
  • Muscular
  • Endocrine (hormones)
  • Lymphatic
  • Reproductive
  • Skin
  • Skeletal

PLUS it has oils that can support you on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

You can use them for health and wellness, or you can use them to making your own non-toxic household cleaning products. They really are pretty amazing.

The Home Essentials Kit also comes with the beautiful Petal Diffuser and is one the best value-for-money starter kits, (it’s just $275 for 10 x 15mL oils…and each 15mL bottle has 250 drops, so they last for a long time).

OK, so without further adieu, here is 105 ways to use this fab kit:


FIFTEEN WAYS to use the King of Oils.


Lemon – so delicious and so versatile. Made from the lemon rinds (not the juice), here’s some of the ways to use lemon:

  1. A drop in water to help support detoxification, and because it tastes delicious!
  2. Added to coconut yogurt = tastes like lemon cheesecake!
  3. On a cloth, with a bit of water, to get the red crayon off the wall
  4. Get rid of fridge-stink (or any stink, for that matter) – diffuse, or apply to a cotton ball and place wherever stink-ridding is required
  5. Use it to remove anything sticky (think sticky labels, fingers glued together….)
  6. Take a bottle on a car (or boat) trip to inhale deeply when any car (or sea) sickness sets in
  7. Diffused for boosting mood if feeling a little down in the dumps
  8. Add a drop to dishwasher cycles to make dishes sparkle and smell pretty
  9. Mixed with vinegar and water, makes a great veggie wash for any non-organic produce
  10. Make tasty lemon, vanilla bliss balls, with desiccated coconut, coconut oil, a bit of honey and lemon essential oil


  1. A drop in your face serum – lavender is well known for it’s benefits to the skin
  2. Added to the kiddo’s diffusers at night to get them to have a good night’s sleep
  3. Blended with frank to help reduce scars (if you want to up the ante, helichrysum is the BOMB for getting rid of scars and stretch marks)
  4. Inhaled directly from the bottle when you need a bit of a chill pill
  5. Mixed with frank and roman chamomile, topped with fractionated coconut oil, and applied to your or baby’s tummy to help with gas/colic.
  6. Added to homemade chocolate recipes, tea, or shortbread recipe.
  7. To help with seasonal threats symptoms mixed with peppermint and lemon and diluted with fractionated coconut oil. Apply to cheekbones (avoid eyes) and back of neck.
  8. Mix with some castile soap (to emulsify and support dispersion) and add to a warm bath for a self-indulgent moment of relaxation.
  9. Mix with fractionated coconut oil and apply to irritated skin (good for the chafe!)
  10. Apply to burns to encourage healing, reduce pain, and prevent scarring.


  1. Favorite super simply energy pick-me-up = 1 drop into the palm of my hand, rub hands together, cup over nose and inhale deeply. Fatigue lifted and ready to go. This one is also great for clearing the sinuses
  2. Added to a mug of hot chocolate.
  3. 10 drops peppermint essential oil + ½ cup sugar + ¼ cup apricot kernel oil = invigorating and hydrating body scrub!
  4. 1 drop on thumb, pressed into palate, (roof of mouth) to relieve head tension.
  5. For reducing fever  – dilute and apply to soles of feet and down spine
  6. 1 drop added to green smoothie = SOOOO GOOD!
  7. 1 scant drop in mouth to freshen breath
  8. Diffused to reduce sugar cravings.
  9. Inhale straight from the bottle to relieve head tension and give you energy to get on with your day
  10. Apply to temples and forehead with lavender to relieve stress


  1. 1 drop in a dish with 2.2 pounds of meat (JUST ONE – any more and you will probably have to Start again)
  2. Man flu – diluted and applied to soles of feet with some tea tree
  3. Toenail fungus – mixed with tea tree and applied to toenails
  4. Use in a cleaning spray for dark and damp spots to get rid of mold.
  5. Add a scant drop to a homemade dip (maybe use a toothpick, as this stuff is STRONG!)
  6. SHORT TERM gastro support for getting rid of bad bugs. NOTE I would not recommend doing this without the support of a health practitioner, as oregano is potent and may disrupt your gut further if used for too long and/or used inappropriately or unnecessarily
  7. Add a teeny drop into a warming soup (tomato or veg would be a good option)
  8. Add a drop to pasta or pizza sauce to get that Italiano feel (and taste)
  9. Mix with tea tree, On Guard and lemon, dilute with fractionated coconut oil, and apply to soles of feet for super duper immune support
  10. Wart killer – surround wart with fractionated coconut oil first (to protect skin from the oregano oil – it is HOT!!), then apply a drop of oregano every day for a week (or more)


  1. The other day, I felt a cold sore coming on (you know that annoying tingle?), so I applied some TT, mixed with fractionated coconut oil, a few times a day and BAM – no cold sore – it didn’t come to fruition at all!
  2. Household cleaning – excellent added to all-purpose cleaning sprays
  3. As a spot treatment for pimples
  4. Mixed with lavender and frank, it’s great for helping with eczema
  5. Great for skin irritation post-shaving
  6. Toilet cleaner = 10 drops TT + ½ cup baking soda + ¼ cup vinegar.
  7. I used a little to make homemade baby wipes – helps to reduce any nappy rash. Add some lavender for extra soothing
  8. Diluted and applied to soles of feet to help boost immune function
  9. Add to your laundry wash to get rid of any musty stench
  10. When your kid draws on themselves with the permanent marker, and soap won’t cut it, dilute from TT and apply to get it off (but PLEASE dilute – not neat!)

On Guard

  1. Diluted with FCO and applied to soles of feet pre-daycare to ward off all of those grubby germs lurking around.
  2. Gargled with a bit of water after brushing my teeth to support oral health and freshen my breath
  3. Added to my kitchen spray to kill nasties and make the place smell delish
  4. Diffused when anyone comes anywhere near us with any kind of illness (or even a hint of such thing. No thank you to illness in this house. I don’t have time for that)
  5. On Guard apples – cut apples into slices, cover with cool water, add 1 drop of OnGuard for every 1-2 apples. Let soak for a few mins then enjoy your tasty, healthy, immune-supportive treat
  6. Carpet cleaner – I add about 20 drops to 2 cups of baking soda. Shake it up. Then put in a jar with a shaker top and shake away.
  7. Make your own hand sanitizer with OnGuard, aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil and water
  8. Gargle a couple of drops with a bit of salt water to soothe a sore throat
  9. Add a few drops to your car’s air filter to get it smelling delightful, while reaping the immune protective benefits while on the go
  10. Take in an enteric coated capsule with a little olive oil to support immune health

Deep Blue

  1. Diluted and applied to shoulders to relieve tension
  2. Diluted and applied to sore muscles.
  3. Sore joints? Dilute and apply this for relief
  4. Mix it up with some fractionated coconut oil and give to your partner so they can give you a relaxing massage after a long day at work
  5. Dilute and apply to kiddo’s legs before bed when they are experiencing growing pains
  6.  For those of you who spend long hours at the computer, typing, or long hours writing (old-school style…..like, with an actual pen and paper), or if you’ve been doing too much scrolly-scrolly through social media on your smart phone, massage into your wrists, hands and fingers for excellent relief
  7. Strained your back? Dilute and apply to help encourage free movement again
  8. Long distance athlete? Make up a little roller bottle that you can tuck into your bra (or little pouch, if that’s easier) to apply to give you that extra bit of oomph when soreness kicks in
  9. Period pain? Apply diluted, over your abdomen as needed
  10. When your kid falls for the millionth time that day and is covered in bruises, dilute and apply to relieve pain and encourage healing (through increased blood flow).


  1. Diffuse diffuse diffuse when anyone has a blocked nose. It’s the difference between sleep and no sleep.
  2. Make your own healthy “Vicks chest rub” by adding a little to a roller bottle, topped with fractionated coconut oil, and applied to the chest to relieve congestion
  3. Diffuse at night to aid in a good night’s sleep (even if there is no snotty nose in sight, Breathe is great for calming)
  4. If you work in a confined space, and it’s all stagnant and gross, diffuse a bit of Breathe to help clear the airways
  5. Apply, diluted, to your partner’s chest to decrease snoring (ergo, better sleep for all)
  6. Inhale deeply before your workout to clear your airways and give you an energy boost
  7. Apply a drop to your child’s pillow, or cuddly (away from the face for little ones), for when you don’t have a diffuser (such as when you are travelling)
  8. If you’re affected by seasonal changes (think sniffly nose, itchy and watery eyes), use Breathe to help relieve symptoms so you can get on with your day
  9. Struggle with sinus issues? Dilute and apply over the sinuses to help clear things up
  10. Take on your hike in case you run into any seasonal threats (such as pollens) that might cause you any respiratory concerns


  1. Added to a little bit (i.e. a tsp) of yogurt pre-breakfast to support digestion
  2. Diluted and applied to tummy to decrease bloating
  3. On. Holidays. This bad boy is your go-to for any sort of gastro bug. It’ll help reduce nausea, cramps, vomiting – the whole lot!
  4. If your little one has a sore tummy, dilute with fractionated coconut oil, and rub on tummy and soles of feet
  5. Add a couple of drops to a bit of water and swish around in your mouth to get rid of stinky breath
  6. Got the nervous runs (diarrhea for those of you who are wondering what I’m talking about)? Apply, diluted to your tummy for relief
  7. Take with you when heading out for dinner and you know that you are going to be eating A LOT, or perhaps eating foods you might not normally that could potentially make you feel a little queasy
  8. Use daily to support regular, healthy bowel movements
  9. For colic relief – 1 drop in 15mL of fractionated coconut oil – apply a teeny bit to tummy and soles of feet. Use this with frank/lavender/chamomile too.
  10. Constipated? Dilute and apply to your tummy in a clockwise direction for relief (rub the other way for diarrhoea)

How to get dōTERRA products

So there you go! For details on how to get your mits on some dōTERRA oils, head on over to THIS POST, or please feel free to email me (ihaveanoilforit@gmail.com) with any questions, or if you’d like to start with a different kit, or your own custom order based on your current concerns.

I look forward to supporting you on your oily journey!