*Used with Permission from her mom, Jen Kruba-Frey

Hi I’m Bella, I’m seventeen, and I’m an essential oil baby. My mom opted to have a homebirth with me, which was just the beginning of the natural lifestyle that I would grow up in. I was never vaccinated, I haven’t taken any over the counter medications or antibiotics, and my knowledge of helping myself feel better is solely vested in natural remedies, like essential oils. Since I can remember, I have used oils to help scratches heal, to diminish headaches, dull earaches, help with stomach pain, keep my skin clear, and so on and so forth. I have even used oils on my bunnies when they got a parasite known as a bot fly. If any of my animals (cat, dog, rabbit, etc.) got cut or scratched, lavender was the first thing I knew to go get. Growing up in an environment where oils were basically my only option for helping my animals, and myself, my knowledge of them grew extensively over the years. They have become such an influential part of my life that I plan on incorporating them into my future career. Just like my mom, I am passionate about helping others and enjoy sharing my own knowledge and experiences with people that could benefit from hearing them. However, my love for animals has also always been a prominent factor in my life. I hope to combine my knowledge of oils and my love for animals to become a Holistic Veterinarian. My ultimate goal is to incorporate natural alternatives into veterinary medicine, all while informing the animal owners about oils that can help their pets and their

families. At the end of the day, I know that I need oils in my life in order to feel healthy and happy. I also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the benefits of these natural wonders, without having to fear the side effects or repercussions that accompany many traditional types of medicine. Oils have benefited my life in more ways than I can explain and I hope that you too will be able to experience and depend on them for your own body to feel happy, healthy, and empowered.