Caring for Our Pets with the Help of dōTERRA Essential Oils

Over 85 million US families have a pet in their home. That’s roughly 68% of US households with a pet which often needs direct care for their needs. It’s important to have a veterinarian to provide needed care for your pet. YOU can also offer support in non-emergency situations with essential oils. You can always consult your veterinarian about using oils with your pet.

Here are some examples:

Dr. Janet Roark, Veterinarian, recommends the best rule of thumb is to “Keep it Simple and Safe.” Here are Dr. Roark’s suggestions for how to safely utilize your essential oils with your pet:

  • Stick with pre-diluted oils
    • If you want to dilute more, use 1-3 drops per 5 mL carrier oil.
  • For diffusing, use only 3-4 drops of an essential oil in an area where your pet cannot knock it over.
    • Pro Tip: Keep the door open to allow your pet to come and go as they please.
  • Avoid Tea Tree (Melaleuca) and Wintergreen topically, internally, and aromatically with cats and dogs.
    • Tea Tree and Wintergreen cannot be used internally for humans as well.
  • Use common sense when applying to your pet.
    • Pro Tip: The same recommendations for people apply to pets. If you wouldn’t apply it to your body in a specific way, don’t do it on your pets.
  • Avoid photo-sensitive oils when your animal is in the sun.

Don’t be afraid to use essential oils on your pet, just be sure to “Keep it Simple and Safe!”