Fourth of July and Pets


Are you ready?

This is a Calming Diffuser Recipe for Stressful situations, like during Fireworks 💥 if your pet 🐾 is afraid. You can diffuse this blend, leave out the coconut oil or make the roller. As Always, be sure to diffuse this in an open room with the doors open.

More tips to keep your pets calm during the fireworks:

  • Exercise your animals more than usual during the day (early, before the fireworks) so they are nice and tired in the evening.
  • Be sure your pet has an up to date microchip, and a collar with a tag with your name and number on it, in case they get loose.
  • If you need to let your dogs outside during the festivities, use a leash and collar or harness, rather than just letting them out, even if you have a fenced in yard. The 5th of July is one of the busiest day for shelters due to pets that have run away during the fireworks due to fear.
  • Diffuse oils!!! Serenity, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Peace, Cedarwood, Petitgrain, Vetiver, Balance, Console, and many other calming oils are excellent.
  • Apply oils to yourself and your pet! Dilute for topical use for pets. Keeping yourself calm will help keep your pets calm. If you get anxious because you’re worried about your pet getting anxious, this will just make them MORE anxious! Copaiba or Adaptiv may be great choices for you both as well!
  • Be sure your pet has a safe place to go – a kennel with a blanket over it, and comfy blankets inside makes a great “den” to get away.
  • Give your pet a super fun toy and play with them during the fireworks to distract them! Make it an exciting game!
  • Play some music (“Alexa, play Calming music for dogs”) – Spotify has a Music for pet relaxation station, and so does YouTube! Or Turn on the TV (the nature channel is always good!)
  • Build an obstacle course in your home or work on some obedience training during the fireworks.
  • Give your dog a yummy bone to work on! Or you can make a “pup”sicle with frozen chicken or beef broth (with a few “surprise” treats in it for fun!
  • More oils. 💦🐾🐶💜
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If you have any questions on how to make or purchase a pre-made roller for your pet contact me and I would be happy to answer any questions and get you started get with a roller.