Today we will talk about the surprising ways to use Cilantro.

We are going to touch on some of the less popular oils in hopes this
education will get you to reach for those oil bottles that have been
sitting unopened in your oil box!

Cilantro is good for more than spicing up your favorite dishes.

Cilantro is also a powerful antioxidant that can help the body with detoxification.

Cilantro’s unique properties make it especially helpful in detoxing heavy metals.
You can take a couple drops in a capsule 2-3x per day or also add to an Epsom salt bath.

One of the other lesser known uses for Cilantro is allergies. We commonly think to
grab Lavender or the TriEase for allergies but Cilantro can be really helpful too.

Cilantro helps to detoxify the liver. When the liver is on toxic overload your body
is more susceptible to allergic responses.

Apply Cilantro diluted to the bottoms of your feet and over your liver during allergy season.
Lastly, Cilantro can be used to combat foul body odor.

Bad body odor is often a sign of toxicity in the body, Pair Cilantro with Peppermint
and take in a capsule a couple times per day until odor decreases.

You can also use the mud mask to do an armpit detox.