Third Eye Meditation Blend

Lacking focus and having difficulty setting and holding your intention?

This blend is perfect! Use your preferred dilution ratio to achieve the

strength that works best for you.  There is no right or wrong way to do this!

đź’§Arborvitae to receive help from God / Source.

đź’§Frankincense for truth and to strengthen your connection to your higher power

đź’§Sandalwood for respect for divinity, calming the mind, to still the heart, and prepare us to commune with God.

đź’§Clary Sage for clarity and vision and to activate the third eye.

đź’§ Rosemary for true knowledge and the ability to look deeper.

đź’§ Lemongrass to enter into a healing mode and cleansing state. Its like a windshield wiper for your third eye.


Equal amounts of all oils or go heavy on one or two is also a fun thing to experiment with. #essentialoils #doterra #intention #meditation #thirdeyeawakening #browchakra #brainpower #onlydoterra