Ready to change your lifestyle and save $$$?

From Spring Balkcom Esteppe

Do you have people tell you “dōTERRA is too expensive”?

This was posted in another group and I LOVE IT!


From a friend- she crunched some serious numbers to figure out if using dōTERRA products was actually saving her money and here is what she found out…

Most american households spend:

$748/yr on traditional cleaning products

$338/yr on OTC medication at the drug store

$1400/yr on facial products (cleansers, moisturizers, anti-aging, acne, etc)

$708/yr PER PERSON on personal care products (toothpaste, deodorant, etc)


• Using dōTERRA products instead you’ll spend:

$208/yr on cleaning products

$243/yr on oils that replace your OTC meds

$712/yr on skin and facial care (assuming you use the most expensive skin care line doterra sells every.single.month – mine lasts at least 3 months)

$615/yr per FAMILY on personal care products


• but wait, it gets better… if you buy these products using our totally free Loyalty Rewards Program (custom subscription box), you’ll earn points toward free product every single month!

• In your first 12 months you’ll save an additional $363 and every year after that you’ll save an additional $588!!!

• She said “So now instead of spending $3192 on conventional products, I avoid the hassle of going to the store (and exposing our family to the nasty germs of a drug store!) I spend $150/month on doterra products and save our family over $2000 every.single.year. AND the best part is that I know we are using products that are safe.natural.non-toxic. and effective!”

• Ready to change your lifestyle and save $$$?