dōTERRA Collagen MetaPWR vS the others

dōTERRA Collagen MetaPWR vS the others

dōTERRA Collagen MetaPWR vS the others The new dōTERRA Collagen – MetaPWR Advantage. How does the new dōTERRA collagen stack up against the other popular collagens on the market? Let’s dive in and see! What makes a good collagen? The short and sweet: -Multiple types 

Summer Drinks With a Touch of Essential Oils

Summer Drinks With a Touch of Essential Oils

On those hot summer days, when hunger gives way to thirst, there’s nothing that tastes better than a refreshing drink. Smoothies and lemonades are a great way to quench your thirst, plus they help to incorporate more fruits into your diet! Adding a few drops 

February Valentines Special

February Valentines Special

Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate love than with your favorite floral oils?!

We are excited to announce a special February Flash Sale! From Tuesday, February 14th, through Thursday, February 16th, or while supplies last, buy a Rose Touch 10mL and receive a Jasmine Touch 10mL as a gift from dо̄TERRA.

Sweet, beguiling, and unmistakably romantic, Rose is one of the most precious and sought-after essential oils in the world. Pair it with the exquisite aroma of Jasmine flowers, which encourages feelings of romance, euphoria, joy, and splendor. Jasmine Touch is an indulgent roll-on made with pure Jasmine Absolute and Fractionated Coconut Oil; perfect as a personal fragrance.

Flash Sale Details
Rose Touch 10 mL
Wholesale $70.00 | 65 PV
Retail $93.33
Savings: $42.00 wholesale
Limit 5 per account

Shop here:

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Love is in the air

Love is in the air

Love is in the air! Literally! 💕 Set the mood this Valentine’s weekend with a special diffuser blend or two! 💋 Try these blends on for size. Lots of love

On Guard

On Guard

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO GET THESE SAVINGS!!!!! What better way to prepare for Fall and Back to School. These products are MUST HAVE’S in my home and they should be must have’s in YOUR home too – with “germ season” almost upon us!!!! 


AMAZING products that dōTERRA is going to introduce in September, at the dōTERRA convention in Salt Lake City Utah. These incredible supplements aimed at our METABOLIC HEALTH!!! I will be attending the convention virtually learning all about these & other products.

Would you like to get your hands on these and learn right along with me??? YOU CAN!!! If you purchase a VIRTUAL TICKET for the dōTERRA convention for only $35.00, you can learn while watching the live stream, PLUS you can purchase the products the same day that I can (September 15). Otherwise you will have to wait until October or November!!! So, PLEASE join me – grab a virtual ticket, as well as this amazing METABOLIC POWER HOUSE, and lets get healthy together!!!!! Please comment below with any questions at all!

🧡 MetaPWR is a cutting edge system to optimize your metabolic health

💛 Decrease post meal glucose spikes

🤍 Increase energy

🧡 Improve cognitive function

💛 Curb cravings

🤍 Loose weight

🧡 Activate longevity genes

💛 Improve skin elasticity and firmness

🤍 Inhibit fat cell maturation

Want to GRAB YOUR VIRTUAL TICKET to learn more? Contact me for the link.